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When was the last time you reviewed your investments?

Whether you have inherited a lump sum of money or just have funds you have built through regular saving, your money should be sensibly invested so that its spending power is protected for your future expectations.

Leaving large amounts of money on deposit in banks or building societies may not be the best long-term answer; one of the greatest risks to your funds is inflation.



Types of Investments:

Investment Trusts
OEIC's (open-ended investment company)

IF23 has access to the whole of the market place and have knowledge of specialist investments and discounts that are not available directly to the general public.

In order to reach your future objectives you should ideally start planning as soon as possible. We are well placed to support you with this and make the switch to saving and investing as simple and as stress free as possible. As independent financial advisers we are able to offer you a service tailored to your needs.

When building an investment portfolio, you should consider how you spread your money between different types of asset and areas

We can help you by:

Reviewing your current portfolio
Explaining the different types of product available
Recommending an investment plan
Giving advise on the most tax efficient ways to invest

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