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LIfe Assurance

Life assurance can help protect your family or dependant's financial security by paying a cash sum in the event of your death.

If there is no one who will financially suffer from your death, life assurance is probably not essential, though there are other reasons why it would be useful.

The need for protection may be simply to cover a mortgage or other financial commitments, or you may wish to ensure that you family will be financially covered should the worst happen to you.





Different types of insurance available:

Term Assurance - this is the cheapest and most straightforward form of assurance. The life provider agrees to pay an agreed sum if you die. If you survive the term of the policy there is no payout at the end and the policy lapses. The term is set according to the length of the loan you have, for example a mortgage.

Whole of life policy -
This is similar to a term assurance, but covers the whole of the life of the policy holder. The payment can either be a lump sum or the amount of the invested fund, whichever is higher.

Mortgage Protection - is designed to repay on death during the term of the mortgage, any outstanding debt on a capital and interest repayment loan. (it is sometimes know as a decreasing term policy)

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