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Retirement Planning

We can advise on all categories of pensions, planning for your retirement and the level of income you may require.

* Stakeholder pensions
* Individual Personal Pensions
* Options at retirement
* Transferring current or old pension plans
* Moving old company pension schemes
* Company pension schemes
* General Pension advice



Everyone will need money for their retirement, to sustain you and give you a proper standard of living. These days, people live longer so your pension will need to last longer. This means you will need to try and save more.

Many older people regrettably live in poverty because they have not been able to save enough. The help offered by the state is basic and can change over time. If your retirement is a long way off you certainly should not assume that all your needs will be covered by state benefits, or that State Pension rules will be the same as now. So it's important to start putting some money away as early as you can however little it is.

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